The Kings

There have been 8 kings in Vox's history that spans over 1700 years. The Kings in order of their ruling:


Arcellex: "The First King"

Ings: "The Bolt"

Kasselz: "The Mithril Shield" 

Shrye: "The Shroud"

Ellecey: "The Resurgance"

Hamril: "The Bowmaster"

Mahrez: "The Blademaster"

Clyne: "King of Commerce" 


When each king dies, they erect a tomb to be buried in. Their tomb  location is always as hidden as possible. There, they are buried with their relics and their material belongings. Most tombs were built with puzzles or guardians to deter grave robbers from stealing their relics or their gold for wrongful reasons. Because of this, every tomb is locked with a much different key or puzzle solution required to gain entry. 

Every king has elected to go to their tomb before a natural death occurred. No commoner knows why they do this, or for what reason. Many say it is tradition as they follow in Arcellex's foot steps. Others say it is because they already outlive a normal life span. No body knows for sure though.



The Kings

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